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What About the PONIES?

So I acted like a tool earlier this week.

Try to control your gasps of shock.

I have this co-worker. She means well. She is actually really nice and I enjoy talking to her about a variety of subjects. She is a bit of a eco-junky which bugs me a bit but hey, if she wants to police everyone's recycling that is her business.

And while I care about the earth and all that crap I just don't get worked up about it that much. I care about other things more.


At any rate, the company we work for is a big monolith speciality store. And one of our major products is made of leather. In fact the department we both work for is devoted to that product that is made of leather.

The hides of cows puts food in our damn mouths (and that food is often made of cows) and roofs over our heads (roofs that are built on clear cut forest land).

So I had a sample of one of our products on my desk this week. This co-worker has been admiring it for quite a while. Trying to bully the vendor into getting her a free sample. And I just mention to her that it is made of real pony hair.

She drops that thing like it was burning the skin off of her hand.

"OH! Well then I don't want it. Think of the pony!"

First of all, pony hair products like this one are actually usually made of cow hide. Second, if you eat meat and wear leather I do not want to hear ONE DAMN WORD about fur or other animal products.

I just don't.

It is so unbelievable to me that every year during our biggest week the PETA people camp outside our stores to protest fur products but never once have they said anything about the leather products. We sell about four things made of fur a year. We sell about four million things made of leather.

And half of the time these PETA people are wearing fucking leather shoes.

So I have very little patience for this.

And I said as much to this girl. That we make our living off of leather. And she is a meat eater. And that I didn't really get the difference between a hair and leather.

She said that it makes her think of cuter animals.

Oh I see, ponies are cuter than cows and so you don't want to wear anything that looks like a pony?


Anyway. I shouldn't have said anything. Its stupid to debate that shit. And even though I have a pretty sensitive bullshit meter I should have let it go. And I actually said almost as that. Just that well she is smart enough to know what is important to her and I shouldn't tell her any different.

So I was a tool for pointing out that she is a fucking hypocrit.

And she is a tool for only thinking of the ponies.

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