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Right now, in this country we are in a crisis.

Its not the crisis that the Evangelical Christians are telling you it is. We are not in a crisis of sex and immorality.

We are in a crisis of freedom.

Yesterday I watched Senator John McCain, who until I saw this I really respected, tell America on TV that Americans value free speech but that they are concerned about what they see on television. They are worried about the children.

Give me a break.

That means that we no longer value free speech. We value speech that agrees with our own values. That is it. If you are worried about what you see on TV TURN IT OFF. If you do not want your children to see violence and sex on TV then supervise them when they watch it. I know that this would require that you PARENT your child instead of asking the government to do it. But that is really what you signed up for.

We should be fighting this. Join the ACLU. Write the FCC. Write your congressman. Because it is starting with television and radio.

Print is next. I would bet money that they will try to remove books from schools and libraries. Possibly burn them.

Next thing you know we will be talking about a national religion and prayer in schools and getting rid of the right to protest.

We are giving away our rights in the name of "values" and "security".

I feel less secure knowing that I am not free to protest and to speak. I feel like we are throwing away the things that we should be valueing. Like voting. And free speech. And our entire political process.

I don't like Howard Stern's radio show. I don't think he is particularly funny or interesting. If he went off the air because no one was listening I would have no problem with it. But they want to get him off the air because he talks about sex and lesbians and porn.

It offends people.

You know what offends me on TV? Televangelists. They really offend me. They talk about values that I find so horrifying and scary. They talk about hate and censorship packaged up in "values and morality".

I find the entire channel PAX offensive. It is complete crap.

I really think that Dennis Miller is full of shit. Also, FOX NEWS is a channel of propaganda and shit.

Here is the thing though. I turn it off. I find everything that they say to be much more dangerous and horrifying than anything of Will and Grace or Howard Stern or Janet Jackson's breast. So I turn it off. I vote with my tv and with my dollars.

That is the freedom we still have in this country. You don't want your kid to see it? TURN IT OFF.

And turn on Bravo. Where you can still see two men make out uncensored.


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