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Manic Monday

Feeling a little manic this morning.

Doctor put me on new meds. Delightful meds. Meds that do not seem to have any horrifying side effects.

Except a wee bit of insomnia.

I got to sleep just fine last night. Woke up at four this morning. WIDE AWAKE. Like could have cleaned the whole house awake.

And then I had a mini-meltdown in the car this morning. There may have been crying and wailing. I am so fat may have been thrown out there. I am a failure possibly was too.

An hour later am much better. Sometimes you just need to freak out.

And eat a Pop Tart when you get to work. That helps too.

Even though it will not help the my ass is so big whining.

Only three days to get through this week. That at least does cheer me up. I can manage three days. That is nothing. Especially when the payoff is a lazy day filled with turkey followed by our yearly shopping extravaganza.

The manic effect of these pills may come in handy for that. My mother likes to do all of her holiday shopping in one shot. For those of you who have shopped on the day after Thanksgiving its a little scary.

Its like war really.

But we have it down to a science. What stores we hit during the parade. What time we stop for lunch. Where we park. The whole bit. Its a little sad.

So, my dear sister if you are reading this, send me an email telling me what you want our parents to get you for Christmas. Otherwise Mom will ask me that at 8 am on Friday morning.

No good can come of that.

Happy Monday kids.

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