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Fear Factor

I was talking to a friend about Fear Factor and the gross crap they make contestants eat. The thing is, all of those things are normal food in other countries. We are just so uncultured that we don't eat raw cow testicals.

But think about all the things that people in other countries would think that Americans eat that are gross. Like Pop Tarts and Hot Pockets. I mean they are just messes of preservatives and crap.

We eat all kinds of gross shit and yet we turn our noses at the bugs and rats that other people eat.

That being said, I am totally eating a Pop Tart for breakfast and it is awesome.

I colored my hair on Friday. I am seriously the master. Used the Colour Experte which lets you "GET SALON HIGHLIGHTS AT HOME" and I am the best ever at it.

All day yesterday women were asking me who did my color.

Perhaps I missed my calling. I was short sighted when I went to college. I could totally be talking about hair and gossiping for a living.

DAMN IT! Am stupid.
18 more working hours until Thanksgiving.

Just hanging on here.

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