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Today is Thanksgiving. We just ate a huge dinner. My mother got totally hammered while cooking it.

Its been a good day. I mean, its not as relaxed as normal. More small talk, less hanging out. But still. There is a lot to be thankful for.

1. My mother is a funny drunk. And a cheap one. She drank a bottle of wine while cooking. And then she sang to the turkey. Also talked about taking her clothes off in the kitchen. CLASSY.

2. There was a fatality accident on the freeway on the way here. No one in my family was in that accident.

3. I have the best husband in the world. Even if he did act really weird at dinner and has the worst table manners of anyone anywhere.

4. I actually love my parents and enjoy their company. My mother is one of my best friends. And my father and I talk about almost anything. I value you his opinion more than anyone else's. I rarely agree with it. But it always makes me think.

5. My sister is coming for the holidays. It looks like we might be able to be family again someday.

6. My friend Monica had a safe delivery of a beautiful baby. Better still, she is coming back to work soon so I do not have to be alone with the crazies.

7. My mother just bagged up most of a turkey for me and J to take home. Turkey sandwiches for a week.

8. All four of my grandparents are still with us this holiday.

9. Neither of my dogs puked in the car on the way here.

10. I have a four day weekend.

Have a safe holiday. Take care of you.

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