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First Day Back

Had a lovely and relaxing long weekend.

Burned my ass, ate too much, and bleached my toilets. EXCELLENT.

Today was a little rough. Getting up on time. Wearing dressy clothes. My hair was most uncooperative.

And the bathroom is so far from me here. Its not like five feet away like at home. So when I drink twenty seven bottles of water in the morning that is pretty much how I spend my morning. Delightful.

So Travis, the friend of ours that used to live with us (God I am so lazy about linking, I am so sorry). He has this annoying girlfriend (again with the no link). We all hate her. J and I hate her. Keith and Tiffany hate her. And his roommate, Moose, HATES HER.

But after some of the stories that J told me about her (he went to a football game with Moose and got all the dirt on her) I am concerned.

She has a two year old. One that we knew was unsupervised a lot (since she brought him to our house and let him rip it to shreds). But we didn't know how much. First, she does drugs. And she does drugs when she is the adult in the situation. Not when he is out of the house. But when he in the next room. And not just weed (which is bad enough) but hallucinegenics. And even when she is sober the supervision is just not there. Like they filled up the bathtub for him and then left him in there alone.


I have so many problems with this. And I know it is none of my business. But goddamn. I haven't seen any of it first hand or I would be calling children's services right now. And if that meant Travis hates me forever that would have to be ok.

I haven't seen it first hand though. So I can't really do anything.

I just hate her. She is bigoted. And rude. And obnoxious. And does too many drugs. Would like to forget all about her. And at this point I am starting to respect Travis less for liking her. I mean I know it is mainly because she does some seriously kinky shit with him. But come on. How hard could that be to find?

Even Travis can do better than this.

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