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Santa Baby

The stores in downtown Seattle have their Santas in the store windows. I actually understand this. The backdrops they use are gorgeous. Much more elaborate than the big red chair and plastic reindeer that I remember being posed in front of. I have no doubt that the pictures that they get are incredible.

Here is the thing. I was watching kids getting their pictures taken last night and it seems that the focus has totally changed. The kids don't actually get to talk to Santa much, which I remember was the highlight of the whole thing for me. And they are dressed to the nines. The stores use professional photographers now--not kids in elf suits. And their Santas look like the ones you see in movies and on cards.

You can tell that the photos are gorgeous. I am sure they look amazing over the fireplace or as a gift for grandma. Sure, the kids didn't actually get to talk to Santa. And they had to wear elaborate dresses or full suits in order to do it. At the major stores you even have to make an appointment to see Santa. You can't just walk up.

I am not saying all of this is a bad thing. Or that its a sign of the decline of society. Its just a sign that Santa isn't about being good anymore. Or a magical figure. He is some one you pose with for you annual photo. And never even really look at.

Actually, maybe that is a good thing.

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