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Steroids Blah

So according to Sports Center Jason Giambi admitted to the grand jury that he took steroids. And Clomid (which is a women's infertility drug so what the hell?). And a bunch of other crap.

What is interesting to me is what people are making of this. First of all, this was in know way really against the rules until a year ago. And while I think that steroids are awful I think I think that for different reasons than most people.

It doesn't change my opinion about his abilities. I only care about steroids because they are dangerous and illegal. And they are illegal because they cause serious side effects. If they didn't, we would all be talking about steroids like they were weight training or nutritional supplements or whatever else athletes do to improve their abilities.

I don't really get this idea that it somehow changes anything. Steroids don't actually help in baseball. I believe that and actually I can give examples of why that is true. Giambi's numbers were down the years that he used the drugs. And he was plagued by injuries and health problems. I don't think that bulking up that much helps in baseball because the swing is based on more than brute strength. I mean, look at Ted Williams--one of the best hitters ever and skinny as a rail.

I also still belive that Barry Bonds didn't take steroids. This isn't because I like Barry (though I do) or because I am a Pollyana (because do you read what I write?) but because he is very balanced muscularly and doesn't have injury problems. And that comes from building your body up slowly and methodically and maintaining it. Its not that I think that he would never take them, I think he recognizes that they can only hurt him and his career.

Of course no one thinks about those things. And will just say that every modern player is on steroids and their records shouldn't count blah blah blah. Because a lot of sports fans are ridiculous.

But whatever. He admitted it.

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