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Boobah Melted My Brain

I ended up staying home yesterday. I felt like I spent the night with a cocker spaniel lying on my chest. Licking my lungs.

I spent the day sleeping and watching crappy daytime tv and eating a grilled cheese sandwich. Which would have been the best day ever except you know. SICK.

And we totally missed the first day of Hanukkah because I am a punkass and sick. We missed a day to eat things FRIED IN OIL. Seriously, this religion requires you to eat fried foods and drink lots and lots of wine. How was I not born a Jew?

So we are starting tonight. Winning the award for crappiest Jews EVER. But I am sure we will manage to eat something greasy and light candles tonight. Possibly not wine. But NYQUIL!

So I don't really have anything interesting to say. Not that this has ever stopped me before . .


Has anyone seen Boobah? Go google it. Its a kid's TV show on PBS. Made my the creators of Teletubbies. And it is seriously the most fucked up shit ever. Its like a bunch of Grimaces (from McDonalds, that big purple blob?) that run into each other and bounce up and spinning colors. The whole thing is so fucked up that I would think I made it up except that I saw this article on MSN talking about how it is part of the wave of kid's tv that is supposed to make them more active. How this is supposed to make them more active I am not sure. Maybe it causes seizures? At any rate. They should put a warning label on that shit. Do not watch if you are under the influece of cold medications or have a fever. Because you will seriously think your brain is melting.

So check your PBS listings now.

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