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What is Tall, Hairy and Smells Like Poo?

Tomorrow is the invasion of the brother in law. For reasons that I do not understand, and J does not understand, his eighteen year old hillbilly brother is visiting us this weekend. A short visit. Flies in late Friday night, leaves Sunday afternoon.

We have spent this entire week convincing ourselves that it will be FUN.

We are not convinced.

We do not know what to do with an eighteen year old. Especially one that you are trying to convince to respect the law and authority so you cannot let him get rip roaring drunk because he is a fucking minor.

This does not mean that I might not get drunk. I probably will. Because I am worth it damn it.

The last time I was around eighteen year old boys I was a sixteen year old girl. And what you did was drink and flirt and possibly, maybe have sex. I have never had a brother and I am not sure I want one. Especially one that is taller than me and smells like feet.

But I am getting one. In a big noisy smelly package tomorrow night.

Pray for me.

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