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Cry For Me

Right now I am supposed to be cleaning my house. We have a houseguest coming in less than twelve hours.

It is really hard to want to clean your house for a houseguest you don't actually want to come. Even more so for one that you don't want to come who is also unaccustomed to sparkling clean conditions. What is the point? You will wonder over and over while you clean.

But still you have to. Because your mother certainly brainwashed you enough to know that you make guests feel welcome and you always have your house clean and nice when they arrive. Besides, you should clean this way once a week anyway you brat.

I didn't sleep so much last night. I don't think J slept at all. He was a little fluey. I just couldn't sleep. And he put the fucking hyper dogs in with me and they pissed on a number of things and woke me up over and over.

We might be having pug and dachshund stew later.

This makes the cleaning feel even more pointless. Like FUCK. I will clean and no one will care and the dogs will just mess it up anyway so FUCK FUCK FUCK.

I am writing this as I bleach my toilets so you know some one else will be fighting the man on this issue.

So to recap: We have a guest we don't want coming. I have to clean the house for this guest. We have absolutely NO MONEY so we can't take this guest anywhere for entertainment. And also (worst of ALL) have no money to buy me enough liquor to get through the weekend.

Cry for me.

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