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That is Just Unacceptable

So I survived the weekend with J's brother. BARELY.

It was better and worse than I expected. Better in that he did not say one bigoted thing (ok one bigoted thing, but it was fairly small and actually really odd and when I told him not to use that word in front of me again he apologized) the whole time and didn't smell. He showered. TWICE! Worse in that he is self-absorbed (and he is eighteen and that is expected but DAMN) and told us the same stories eighty-four thousand times which would have been fine (or more acceptable) had they been at all amusing or even made sense.

At any rate I made it through ok and so did J and no one got punched and J even managed to not talk shit about his brother's dad. Which is really amazing because that guy is an asshole.

My sister called on Sunday to tell me she was so sad that I didn't have any wine to get through the weekend (ME TOO) and had tried to think of a way to get me some. That is LOVE people. That totally makes up for the time she put me in the hamper and sat on the lid until I cried.
On my way in this morning I saw the funniest argument between two homeless men ever. They were fighting about their sleeping spots or something but what made it so great was how articulate they were and how structured they made their arguments. For example:

Guy One (pulling a luggage cart and wearing a hat with a duck on it): "You know that I have territorial control of the entire block around the Moore theatre. You infringed on my property and that is just unacceptable."

Guy Two (wearing a fuzzy pink sweater and eating a banana): "You can't have a monopoly on an entire block. You know that is the most desireable property. Quit trying to be a dictator. THAT is unacceptable."

In unrelated news Monica is back at work today! YAY! My life just got so much better. I mean, I feel bad because she doesn't really want to be here. But we will have us much fun as we can, emailing, talking about hair and drinking real Coca-Cola.

I feel less beaten down by life already.

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