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Mom and Dad

My dad calls me at work pretty much every day. Its a little strange but since he and I have had our problems it works for me that he wants to call me during his commute. He just calls and babbles to me about something, usually something that seems really weird to talk about on the phone and then hangs up.

Yesterday he was talking about how parents feel differently about their firstborn child. How this is the child that you learn how to love that way with. That they teach you so much about yourself and about the kind of person you want to be. And how your firstborn child is the one you experience everything the first time with so its hard to think that they are anything but perfect and wonderful and you just love them so much your heart will burst.

I cleared my throat and said, "Gee Dad, that is a GREAT thing to tell your SECOND child."


He rushed to tell me that really they love us the same and blah blah blah.

I don't really care because my dad and I are cool and we have a pretty good relationship. I think he was just trying to talk something out in his head. And didn't think about who he was talking to when he said it.
My mom is totally different. She always feels terrible about calling me at work. I just want to say to her, "You know Mom, I am not a surgeon. You are not interupting anyone's life-saving procedure here. Go ahead and talk to me."

And she always opens her conversation with, "WHAT'S WRONG?!?!?!"

Because apparently, my voice always sounds as if I am about ready to cry. Which I guess could be true but somehow irritates me.
I was watching Margaret Cho's special last night on HBO and I realized why I enjoy her comedy so much. First, she says things that I wish I could say. I know it is shocking but I really do try not to offend people TOO much. I mean here I will call everyone cocksuckers but I certainly don't in my regular life. So while I don't always agree with everything that she says I do admire her saying it.

And I love her mom jokes. Now obviously my mom does not have a Korean accent. But I think Margaret Cho's mom is a little bit of the universal mom. And I can't do a funny imitation of mine because our voices are exactly the same. So no one would ever notice the damn difference. So I have to watch Margaret Cho and laugh.

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