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Anyone Want a Pug?

Last night Buster decided to get J and I up every couple of hours. He had to pee or to play or just be a damn pain in the ass. At 2:00 J moved into another room, leaving me with both dogs (which is fine, because he usually takes dog duty all night)and Buster immediately jumped on my head and wanted to go out. Then he tried to go into J's room. UM NO. We went outside and he didn't refused to go out because it was cold and wet. He just gave me a look like, "ok we will just try again in an hour."

I threw both dogs outside and then laughed when they ran over for a cookie. And I think I called Buster a mother-fucker when he didn't want to go upstairs.

I am going to be a great mom someday aren't I?
So I am not pretty today. But I wanted to fake it so I wore really high heels to make my jeans look somehow more professional. Sadly, these are already resting under my desk.

I used some emergancy ballerina type slippers for shoes . . .and got about ten thousand compliments on them. Go figure.

I feel like a fucking shorty though.
Since last Friday I have had this bizarre thing happen. At about 7:30 I get really nausea. And usually I puke my guts out. I know I throw up a lot (and talk about it too much, sorry about that) but usually throwing up makes me feel better. RIGHT AWAY. Sadly, right now its making me feel worse. And the only thing that helps is going to sleep, it doesn't go away until the morning.

Its not related to food or smell or anything.

And its getting really old. I mean I know I am a big whiner and always am sick. But damn. Puking every night BLOWS.

It blows even more if your pug just sits there and watches you so that when you are done you feel his damn water bowl.

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