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Smells Like

The smell of kettle corn is giving me rage. The people in my office make it every day. Apparently it is 98% fat free!! (with a big smiley face). I am not sure why this is a selling point but whatever.

I guess they have never figured out the microwave either. Because right now, the stench is more of scorched kettle corn.

Burnt sugar and corn. NUMMY!

Other smells give me rage too. Things like burned toast. Fish being made in the microwave. Strong perfume. Vanilla scented things (vs. actual vanilla which is divine). Exhaust fumes. Dog pee on my floors. Victoria's secret perfumed lotion being put on repeatedly throughout the fucking day until I throw up into my garbage can.

Basically I need to either only go places with great ventilation or get anger counseling.

I don't know why smells are such a big thing to me. They can make me so angry or so happy. I remember reading once that smell is your most emotional sense. That doesn't seem to be true for everyone but it really is for me. Certain smells make me feel so comfortable. Some make me feel tired (the smell of the cleaner that my high school used for example).

My grandparents' house has smelled the same as long as I can remember. It smells like face powder and cleanser, old people and baking (not baking old people you sicko). It is a smell that makes me feel about seven years old. It helps that the rooms look the same. The dishes and towels are in the same place. And that my granparents are the same. Older, but they have looked old since I have been alive. Its all degrees now.

Clean sheets and a freshly vacumned bedroom (with everything nicely Febreezed) will make me smile all day. It is so satisfying. I mean, I know it will be ruined almost immediately. I have two dogs, a cat and a J. I have no shot at keeping things immaculate--even if I was a big cleaner which I am not. But there is something about walking into your bedroom and it smells like fabric softner. Its one of the happiest smells around.

Its weird how smells can be sad too. I love the rain and how it smells and sounds. But if I am outdoors and its raining and you can smell the soil. Especially some that was just recently dug up. That smell equals funeral to me. That is what I smelled the day they buried two kids from my high school and every time I walk by a garden after it rains I think about that.

My husband doesn't notice smells. He doesn't notice anything about them. It has to be so strong for him to even note them. But to me that means he is missing a whole layer of experience.

Of course I may wish I could miss this level of experience when we have kids and I am changing mounds of shitty diapers.

I mean I already don't clean out the cat box.

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