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Fuck You Glamour

So every beauty magazine in the world gives you the same advice. Never ever pop a zit.

Has anyone EVER managed to not pop one?

I mean I have gotten through the tiny ones, I have more self-control than an animal. But the big, hard, swollen ones filled with puss? Seriously. How do you keep your hands off of them?

I know that its gross to pop them. Your hands are covered in bacteria so you are basically injecting bacteria into your skin. Even if you wash your hands first. But you have to pick it. You HAVE to. Otherwise you walk around with this giant red dot with a creamy center winking at the world.

And what exactly happens if you don't pop it? I mean it. What happens? Does it mysteriously heal? Is it supposed to be faster than the healing that you get from popping it and getting that crap out? Does it just pop on its own in which case it can't be that bad to help nature along.

In my head they just get bigger and bigger and filled with more puss. Until basically it is the size of a basketball and your face doesn't fit into your car and you accidentally roll face down while you are sleeping and the thing explodes absolutely soaking you and your husband in nasty white puss.

I will just take the risk. Fuck you GLAMOUR Magazine.

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