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Cue the Tomatoes

So ya'll. Forgive me for being a giant brat and a big baby for a minute. Please take this as a vent. Please do not pay any attention to it. And please, for the love of GOD if you actually know me do not go running to the husband and tell him about this.

Because this will not put me in a very flattering light but I am going to write it any way.

J has a history of great presents for me. He arranges elaborate and secret trips, I have TWO anniversary rings. He usually puts a lot of thought and effort into gifts for me. And yes, he usually forgets cards and is really terrible about the presentation of the gift. But he obviously puts a lot of thought and some time into the gift and it really shows what a generous person he is.

And that is why this is so weird. He didn't really get me anything for Hanukkah.

And he really didn't do anything that required effort. I mean, I mentioned that I would like to join the ACLU and so he went online and paid for that. And just let me get the confirmation email. He didn't even tell me about it or give me a little card or anything.

Which isn't like him.

And, this is the bratty part, I have spent the better part of the last two months making sure he got basically every damn thing on his list for his birthday and for Christmas/Hanukkah. I do this because I love him and because I know that no one ever took the time to do that for him when he was a kid. But it took a lot of time for me to drag my parents to various stores and to go to a bunch of bookstores to find the books that he wanted and to make sure that he got the games he wanted and I saved money for a few months to pay for it all. And I did that because he really does deserve it. We had a crazy year and he does deserve to have a fuss made over him.

I just feel like he forgot me. Its not the gifts (though those are lovely), its that he just didn't put any effort into it at all. Like it didn't occur to him to think about me.

I am so selfish.

This is undoubtedly because I have all these hormones and PMS and am all crazed from the holidays.

I just felt left out.

Feel free to throw the tomatoes. I mean, I have no right whatsoever to complain.

Chuck them now. I deserve it.

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