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Attack of the Fifty Foot Geek

My marriage is pushing me further and further into geekdom. I mean, I knew this was a risk when I married J. He reads too many comic books and likes sci-fi way too much for me to be oblivious to that. However, I thought that I could bring him closer to normal, not be drawn towards the dark side.

It started innocently enough. He bugged me to read the Lord of the Rings trilogy. And I ENJOYED THEM. But I like a lot of books and those are well written and . . . well actually I have no excuse at all really.

But then he started taking me to movies based on comic books. We saw Hellboy and the Punisher in the same day! And they were both pretty good! And I did not even make him take me to something that would cause wheepiness!

I know the guy who works at his comic book store by name. I actually know his kid's name.

I have spent many many hours looking for Spiderman pajamas in adult sizes.

I spent hours playing Halo this weekend. And LIKED IT.

But this morning, I realized that I was slipping much too close to the dark side. He was describing the plot of a comic series and I was getting involved.

I yelled at him for leaving out important timeline information!

I got outraged at the sexual assault of a character and worried about the paternity of her unborn baby!

I was very sad when she was killed!

I was concerned about the crazy maniac who killed her revealing the secret identities of all of the Justice League!

I know who the Justice League is!

Now I can recover from this. I don't actually read comic books. And I still haven't seen most of the movies that he insists are classics. But geekdom is growing perilously close!

What can I do? Divorce seems like a very harsh option. But I need to cut this out like a cancer!

I also need to stop using exclamation points because I just counted how many were in this entry!

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