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Am an Asshole

So yeah.

Seattle people? Biggest pussies in the world. There are patches of black ice, PATCHES, and people are calling into work saying they are not coming.

We are supposed to get two inches of snow tonight. This will shut the fucking city down.

My mom and I are driving to Portland tonight for a funeral tomorrow. People are STUNNED that we are still going. We are from Iowa people. We can drive in snow. I mean if it was a blizzard or something but GODDAMN.

That being said. I am totally one of the pussies. Because it is COLD here today. And I HATE being cold.

And my feet hurt. So I am wearing what are basically slippers around the office. Even though I wore jeans today that are meant to be worn with heels and so the hems are dragging on the floor. Yes, asshole, I have jeans that are for high heels and jeans that are for flats and jeans that are for mid-heels. FUCK YOU! I want my pants to be the right length!

God. So whiny.

So anyway. Funeral tomorrow. Probably won't be writing here.


I mean no one likes funerals. Obviously. They are not really fun occasions. But this one is weird because I am really not very sad. My great aunt died and I didn't really know her very well. But the main reason I am not sad is that the woman just had the most horrifying battle with cancer you can imagine. She hadn't eaten in three weeks when she died. Basically, she starved to death.

So, as horrible as it makes me sound. I am happy for her and her children that she died. Because I cannot imagine watching my mother suffering that way.

So. I feel bad for them and then I feel guilty for not feeling THAT bad.

And again, I have managed to make this about me.

Am such an asshole.

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