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Personal. Growth.

Now that my mother has realized that we will not be buried in snow during WINTER. STORM. 2005. she is obsessing over other parts of our trip. Like snack foods. I want to tell her that we are leaving after dinner for a trip that takes less than four hours. How much DO YOU EAT between 6 and 10 at night?

Because I could have a bowl of cereal and a coke and be good. That is normal dinner for me on a Thursday.

One of the reasons that my mom and I are so close and have so much fun together as that we really just let each other run with whatever. So if she wants to be all crazy and neurotic than that works for me. Actually, I enjoy it because I don't have to obsess about something if she is. I can just mock her for obsessing.

J doesn't worry about everything. It is fucking bizarre really. So in our marriage it is my job to freak out about everything. I do it remarkably well but it is really stressful. I mean it is hard to worry about our child (that we don't have)hating us because we are going to raise them Jewish and worry about whether that stain will ever come out of the carpet and freak out about if the milk is bad and obsess about our pipes freezing.

I mean it was tiring typing that.

But my mother does all that for me. And comes up with about ten thousand other things that it would never occur to me to even consider. And then I realize that we cannot do anything about it so why freak out.

With my mother I am the rational one.

I mean, I know it is a relative thing and I am still a neurotic freak but it gives the APPEARANCE of personal growth.

Now I have to go email her that I don't think we need to take a cooler of cold drinks and a thermos of hot drinks.

Personal. Growth.

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