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Did McCarthy Have a Son?

I have had so much energy the past couple of days. Especially when I get up. Its like BAM! I am up!!!! I get the feeling that J is not enjoying this so much. Something about having me up and chipper and bugging him just rubs him the wrong way maybe. And I have been staying up late. Am normally a fucking slug so I am fairly certain that aliens have taken over my body.

I am sure they will get bored and go home soon.
J told me that he spends a lot of time trying to convince people that I am really not a saint for putting up with his ass. That I am just as bad as he is and am incredibly difficult.

Which of course could not be true because my mother says I am perfection.

However, ya'll here know the truth. That I am bitching and judgemental and as my husband put it (in a way that makes me sound fat so fuck him) "a little ball of rage."

Except it is so accurate. That is the sticky part.

I don't know when this happened. But shit just pisses me off a lot more now than it ever did before. And I either have to rage about here or J has to hear about it. Or, honestly, both.

Sometimes I think that people can see the rage around me. Like a little aura of green FIRE.
Are the producers of the Amazing Race not even trying anymore? I mean you could have missed the entire episode last night and not missed a damn thing. A fast forward in a non-elimination leg? WTF?

Let me sum it up for you. None of the tasks had any meaning because they carefully bunched everyone. Jonathon and Victoria screamed at each other (the only development there is that I am starting to find her almost as horrible as him). Hayden was a big fucking bitch. Adamn acted like a fucking baby and annoyed the hell out of the WORLD. Kris and Jon were ADORABLE.

You could basically recap every episode of the season with that paragraph.

Why do producers ruin every good show there is? Why did they insist on casting this season with psychopaths and models? Did they not remember how much everyone loves the regular people? Like the Bowling Moms and Chip and Kim.

Waste of an hour.
Our governor's race basically sums up everything that I hate about American politics.

In 2000 Democrats called for election reform after Florida. They said that they were worried that votes were not counted, that there were serious discrepencies that needed to be addressed. The Republican party told them to get over it, that they were just conspiracy theorists and sore losers.

But Washington put carefully written laws in place to address re-counts. And we used every single one for this election. And now the Republicans are crying foul. They didn't want the votes counted and they are basically saying that there must be voter fraud because their candidate lost. IN A STATE THAT HAS NOT HAD A REPUBLICAN GOVERNOR IN TWENTY YEARS. So they want a re-vote. Something that is not allowed under state law. They tried to delay certifying our new governor by filing a motion in the most conservative county in the state (which is not even within a few hundred miles of where the candidate is from or where the party head quarters is). And they lost.

It makes me sick that one party has decided that they do not have to follow laws. That they will openly DO ANYTHING to gain an office that it is becoming clear that they lost. I am not saying that this election did not have its problems. It obviously did. But it WORKED. She won because they really did count the votes correctly.

And that same party has decided that nation wide we should all be Christians. That only Christians are good people and are the only ones with morals. They have decided they want to control how people raise their children, what they hear on the radio, what they can read in a paper and what goes on in their bedrooms.

Basically this party is trying to get rid of the Constitution.

And no one is saying anything.

My own father, who claims to want small government and whose daughter is a Jew, thinks that the Constitution allows for public schools and court rooms to have a religion. And that if people don't like it they should just leave the country.

I was born here. My family has been here for generations. I have paid my taxes, never broken any laws and am a contributing member of society. But I should leave because I don't believe in Christianity.

Anyone else feeling shades of McCarthy? Which of course people will say I am being paranoid and over-reacting.

Maybe I am. But I think it is really scary right now. We don't want people to have opposing opinions. We don't want people to believe in a religion other than ours. We label anything that we are uncomfortable with as immoral or unpatriotic.

Sounds a lot like the 50's to me.

God Bless America.

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