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I Missed Project Runway!?!?!?

I am a little distressed. After my bragging about all my energy and staying up for big girl bedtimes I totally crashed at nine last night. Dead. Asleep.

Which would be fine, of course, because I love me some sleep. But I missed PROJECT RUNWAY!

They were making wedding gowns. There was going to be so much bitchiness. Some one was going to cry. I bet some one pulled hair!

I know I am the only one watching this show. And now that I missed it I am so OUT.


Oh well, Bravo will have it on constant repeat all weekend. Thank God for their thin programming.
My hair was a little dirty this morning and I woke up late so I did not feel like doing it. I just put it in a little headband. I decided I would just not be fashionable (or, as I prefer to think of it, am starting a new trend). Seven people have told me how cute my hair is today. SEVEN. I have been here an hour. Why do I ever wash and style my hair?

Next week I am going to come in my pajamas. Maybe that can be a new trend too.
I had a dream last night about my dentist. I was giving him oral sex.

I guess we couldn't pay our bill?

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