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Ya'll. Honestly. The google searches that lead people here. NO THERE IS NO KIDDIE PORN, INCEST OR GOAT FUCKING PHOTOS ON THIS SITE. Move along please.
So Prince Harry. You used to be my favorite prince. William is just so damn vanilla. But its not like you are a real bad boy, just a safe bad boy. How can you really be bad with red hair? Not possible.

So why did you have to ruin everything with your stupid Nazi stunt?

I have heard from a lot of people that they think that the press is making to large of a deal about this. That it was a joke. That he meant no harm.

That may be true or it may not be true.

My problem is that if we are to a stage where Naziism is a suitable joke, particularly in such a public manner, than we are in a scary place indeed. Think about it. In the past few years we have had very famous people deny the Holocaust. Powerful judges advocate for putting Christian monuments in American courtrooms. And we have an on-going situation in Sudan that no one wants to talk about.

We are living in very hate-filled times is my point here. And while I am sure Prince Harry wasn't denying the Holocaust. And he probably didn't mean to freak people out the way he did. And I am for damn sure glad that people didn't record every stupid thing I did when I was twenty.

Its not really a slam on him. Though he should know better the fucking twit. But a slam on the people who don't think its a big deal.

Trivializing the Holocaust is a really big deal. The last of the survivors are dying. And since there are a lot of people in this world who would prefer to pretende that something so horrifying could only be an exaggeration we are in a very frightening time. A time when history could repeat itself. It already is repeating itself. We live in a time where genocide is acceptable. Because the US and Britain continue to do nothing. Even though the world knows what is happening.

So I don't think that Prince Harry is glamourizing something from the past. I think he is glamourizing something that is still very much alive.

Do we really want this to be the political equivalent of the Ugg boot?

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