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People I Hate:

The asshole in front of me while I was driving home, its 1/4 of inch of snow not a sheet of ice. Please go faster than ten miles an hour.

Our waitress at lunch, how long does it take exactly to get a drink?

My hair. It is its own person today. No part of me would look so damn shitty.

My husband, who insisted that we get Chevron cards even though it seems like there are maybe two Chevrons in the fucking state.

Whoever decided J should work today.

Buster. Who took forever to take a shit this afternoon while I had to stand in the snow.

People I Love:

My husband, who made sure not to wake me up when he left this morning.

The kid at the mall that told me I have a sweet sweet ass.

My mom, who bought me lunch.

Whoever cooked my lunch, because it was divine.

Buster, at least he didn't shit in the house.

My bed. Where I am headed soon.

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