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Why Was I Talking About Gazebos?

J has the day off today. Because he works for a real company that has actual holidays. One of the dirty little secrets of the big monolith that I work for is that we have no holidays and get almost no vacation or sick time.

So I had to commute alone. And walk several blocks. IN THE RAIN!

Which is not really a big deal except that I totally wasted my time doing my hair this morning because now it looks like ass.

And J is still in bed all warm and happy.


So down the road from us this family built a big giant house. They took out an old family farm to make room for it. And it is gorgeous. Huge wrap-around porch. Just perfect. But it has this random gazebo in the back.

Now lots of people have gazebos. But most are part of a garden's design plan or hooked onto a deck. Something. Anything.

This one has to be about three hundred feet or more apart from everything. Its just a gazebo, chilling in the middle of a field.

In fact, the only time I have ever even seen a gazebo like this was when I was a teenager. And this boy that I was seeing, Matt (sidenote: I dated several Matts, at least two Jeremys and more than a few Tims--this is why I object to common names, because ten years later I do not want my *unborn* baby's ex-friend to forget his name because it was so common, if she is going to forget it will because she is a bitchy whore who didn't deserve my *unborn* baby. I am just saying I only dated one Rodgrigo and I totally remember HIM) AHEM (sorry), and I went to a park not too far from my high school. Now all the kids went to this park to make out in the parking lot. But for some reason we got out of the car for a walk (actually I know the reason, turns out old Matt was gay which explains a lot, notably that he was just so freaking hot, guys that hot are just not straight) and ended up in the gazebo of this park. I am assuming it was put there for weddings or something. But it was just a gazebo in the middle of a field. But it really was romantic (which makes this story incredibly sad because GOD HE WAS GAY THE WHOLE TIME).

Why the hell was I talking about gazebos again?


Fuck. I still cannot remember his last name. And he didn't go to my high school so I can't look him up. And if I google Gay Matt I am totally going to find out more than I want to know about that guy from Melrose Place.

I just can't remember anything anymore. I am becoming my mother in a very frightening way. I forget the end of stories while I am telling them. Which is pretty bad here but humiliating in person.

And also very common.

Anyway. Must figure out what I was going to do at work today, because SHOCK I have forgotten.

God help any children I may have one day. I will totally leave them in shopping mall bathrooms.

Possibly on purpose.

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