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Oh, Nothing

It is some sort of corporate law that on Monday everyone has to walk around and ask each other how their weekend was. If you don't do this, some one from HR comes up and makes you attend sensitivity courses and you get a little note about "lacks ability to relate to others" in your personnel file. Or so I have heard.

Now in my department we are all so nosey (or friendly, whatever) that we ask what everyone did.

Which is really nice because people are actually interested. They remember the names of your pets and spouses and whether your mother says anything annoying like "I AM SO PARCHED!"

At any rate. I always end up saying that same thing. "Oh nothing. Those are the BEST."

Which is true. Those are the best. But also not true, its not that I do nothing all weekend. I just do nothing that anyone else would find interesting. Which is why I write here. So no one at my work has to have their eyes glaze over as I babble about cleaning my carpets on Saturday.

Which I did and I feel much better. Something about my carpet looking like an actual color instead of a gross melange of beige and grey cheers me.

Honestly. We don't really go out much. We got out of the habit when J was out of work. We had no money and we horded what we did have like squirrels preparing for a very cold winter. Even now, we go out to dinner pretty rarely. The bright side of this is that even a trip to Red Robin feels like a treat after that. The down side is that you spend a lot of nights playing poker and Halo 2 with your friends.

But we did it at some one else's house!

That counts right.

That is one thing that I think we will find easy about parenting. People whine that they can never go out. Well, we don't do that anyway.

Of course we will probably whine that we cannot make the kids go out.

But they do that eventually right? Is seven too early?

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