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So there is a McDonald's downtown that has a crazy system going. You stand in about ten different lines, some one has to call your number (and usually they don't actually tell you what your number is) and then you have to stand in another line to get your drink and ketchup and napkins whatever. Of course its not really lines just a big block of people in a big damn hurry to eat their huge fatty not-really-meat burgers.

And I see this woman. She is in her late forties-early fifties. She is small. She is confused. And she doesn't want to be rude.

So people are just pushing her around.

She reminded me so much of my mom. I mean, my mother is just the nicest woman in the world. She always wants things to be fair. She never wants a fuss. She never wants to appear rude or pushy.

I mean, unless it is for some one else. She will steam roll anyone to get a dentist appointment for my dad, but would let people cut in line in front of her if she was bleeding to death in the emergancy room.

So I am watching this woman, and I end up doing what I do when my mom is with me. I guide her into line, assure her she is not being rude at all, and show her where to go next.

But what is crazy, is that I am normally that woman too. I don't like not knowing how things are working. I don't want to jump in front. I will always go last.

Why is it that I can be more assertive for some one else? I am not sure. But I don't want to be that mouse. There is no need to be rude but there is also no need to be so meek and mild about it either.

Besides, it is way more fun to rip some one a new asshole then to have one ripped for you.

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