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Cold Front

Our friend Gene moved back to New Hampshire last week. Don't worry, this isn't a post about how we miss him (because we kind of don't) or about how much he screwed Travis by leaving so much shit in their apartment (even though he did). He sold us his flat screen tv and dvd player for $100! Yay! I love Gene!

Since we already have a big shiny and new tv in the living room, I get the new shiny tv in the bedroom. Which means that last night while watching the Amazing Race, Phil looked even more life-like and therefore more lickable.

I am sorry. He DID.

Though the fucking producers of that show need to remember that it is a race and to let it be a race instead of making it so it doesn't matter if you suck. I mean I know they had to dumb it down for all the damn models they cast but honestly. LAME. And boring.

Don't make me start hating one of my favorite shows.

So last week we went to a Tu Bish'vat seder. This is Jewish holiday celebrating the New Year of the Trees (forgive me if I am putting this wrong, it is not a holiday that has really been covered in my studies so far). Our temple did a nice seder and really focused the conversation and lectures on environmental causes.

It was actually very interesting. We had a glacier geologist talking about global warming. And a gal that runs a farmers' market talking about why it is important to buy local food.

But J and I came down with a serious case of the middle class guilts. While we are fairly good about buying local food (at least in the summer when it is easy to find) we know that we waste a lot of energy. Also, we are cheap and we figured we could save on our utility bills.

So J turned the thermostat down to 62 degrees. GODDAMN it is cold. Now I agree with the strategy. Turn it down as cold as you can to see if that temprature is livable. Give it a week and if it really isn't, turn it up by a degree or two. This makes logical sense and will allow us to save as much energy (and money) as possible.

However, it is so cold in our house. I mean, I am wearing sweatpants to bed and several blankets. Still cold. Getting out of the bed is a nightmare. You can practically see your breath in the morning.

It is pretty much warmer outside than in.

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