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Pool Losing Whiners

This is probably entirely too much information but have ya'll ever peed in a way that was just SO GOOD? I don't mean in a golden showers sort of way (which if that is what you like than good for you but for me not so much) but in a just GOD IT FEELS SO GOOD TO PEE sort of way? I am just peeing a lot lately. Not many many times but with very little volume sort of way that makes you worry about a possible bladder infection. But honestly, I am starting to wonder where exactly all of this is coming from. I drink a lot of water, but not ten gallons.

Its semi-orgasmic. And my standards are very high if you know what I mean.


Sorry about that.
So I won J's office football pool. They are just a bunch of BITCHES. Because one of them said that they are "tired of losing to a girl" and since I have won twice in a row now they won't let me play anymore.


Take your beatings like a man. Quit being a big whiney baby.

Besides, I got my ask KICKED during March Madness last year so they should relish that.

Fucking chickens.

So now, since I like the irony of it all, I am totally taking my football winnings to Sephora. And buying something like sparkly body powder.

Don't you think they will like that?

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