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Thinking About Suzanne

My mother's friend is very sick.

I know I have bitched about her here before. I have complained because she really wants my mother to be her mother and she just gets into the middle of everything in my family. But the truth is that she is a very generous person who has been a great friend to my mother.

And she is very very sick.

She has some sort of syndrome that causes paralysis and seizures and all kinds of scary things. She can't work. She is walking with a cane. She cannot pull the covers over herself in bed because her hands do not move properly.

She is only 31 years old.

The good news is that she is expected to get completely better again. She will get everything back. And she didn't lose any brain function at all.

The bad news is it could take six months. And that her treatments are extremely expensive and the cheap HMO bastards will probably not cover them all. In a week she has racked up a bill of more than forty thousand dollars.

And she has six months to go.

Because I am a selfish and horrible person I am sitting here feeling guilty because I have smack talked her. For no reason. Yes, I resented the things that she did. But she is my mother's friend. She can impose a little. Or a lot.

I cannot imagine what it would be like not to work. Not to be able to do anything. To be in bed for possibly MONTHS.

So in a cheesy, very email forwarded AROUND THE WORLD way, I am feeling very lucky today. I am healthy. I have a very good life.

I expect this to last until lunch when there are no Cheetos in the vending machine.

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