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The Not-So Super Bowl

Am seething with rage at the husband right now.

He didn't do anything horrible. He didn't fuck our neighbor or lose the mortgage money at Black Jack. He just pulled his most annoying trick in the book. The one he pulls eighty-four thousand times a week.

First, J cannot say no to basically any request in the world. He will do anyone a favor. It doesn't have to be reasonable. It doesn't have to be easy. He doesn't have to know the person well at all. People take advantage of him all the time. And he just does what they want anyway.

Second, he will put absolutely anything ahead of the plans that he and I made together. Now of course he wouldn't if we had fancy plans. Like a special dinner or our anniversary. But if it is just a casual thing he will always do something else first. It doesn't even occur to him that I would mind. He will invite people to come over. Or he will agree to do favors with people.

So today he is helping Travis move. Travis really wanted him to take tomorrow off and help him then. They were both shocked when I said HELL NO. I am sorry, if you are over twenty-five and moving in the middle of the week? Hire fucking movers. Some of us work for a living.

I didn't go today. This is because I know from past experience that Travis will not be packed. He will not have anything ready to go. Everything will take fucking forever. And I will get so pissed that I will want to push him off the balcony. It was really better that I not go.

J and I were supposed to watch the Super Bowl. This is not a huge deal. Except we had decided we were going to do this at the beginning of the season. And I see my husband basically only on our commute right now. We are both pretty stressed. We have been sick. So usually he disappears to play games and I go to bed. This is fine. Just show up when you say you are going to.

So I confirm when he leaves this morning. You will be back for the game right? YES HONEY. NO PROBLEM. He wants to take my car. He promises to go get soda and snacks and everything and still be home before the game starts.

Its three. The game is starting. I called him fifteen minutes ago and he hasn't left yet. It will take him an hour or two to get here. I know this despite him saying that it would be fifteen minutes (bullshit asshole, it takes half an hour to get here from Travis' place, if you left RIGHT THEN). I just know that he will get to talk and shoot the shit and lalala. Show up here during the fourth quarter.

Which would be fine. Except that we made plans. And I turned down other plans to do this. And because he took my car so I can't go anywhere. And that it is really fucking boring to watch the Super Bowl alone. Especially if you are not a huge football fan.

I love my husband. And I love that he is generous with his time. He is a great friend. I just wish he was that generous with me.

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