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Commercial Rage

I hate that commercial that is on all the time. The one with the smarmy guy in a suit thanking Americans for not taking their vacations.

I hate it because it is so true.

I have not had a vacation (that did not include a trip to Iowa) in many many years. This is not because I do not take my vacation time (I don't really get much vacation time). This is because J and I are poor and refuse to pay for a trip on a credit card.

So we end up with short road trips to Modesto for weddings and graduations and maybe a long weekend in Canada.

Which I resent enough on my own thank you. I do not need some oily asshole THANKING ME FOR IT which is supposed to make me want to go to Orlando for some reason but actually makes me want to defend my choices. Really! Its not that I am looking for career advancement! Or can't find work-life balance! Its that I have no money! And can't bring myself to pay interest on a trip!

And then I have a shame spiral because I am arguing with some fucking asshole in a commericial and have totally fallen prey to the American marketing machine.

This does not make me want to go to Universal Studios. This makes me want to ram through the gates with a tank.

Fortunately for them, and for my spotless criminal record, I do not have access to a tank.


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