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J is having a really hard time at work. And I really don't know how to help with it. I am actually fairly certain that I can't. But I like to delude myself and think that I am helpful and supportive so I keep trying. Undoubtedly I make it worse.

Now I have no illusions about my husband. I know that people usually really like him or they hate him. I know that he is entirely too personal with people. I know that any problems he has at work are at least in part his fault. However, I think his bosses are dicks.

Goddamn I hope that doesn't make him get dooced.

To me if you are a manager then you are a manager. Just because you have never done it before doesn't mean that you get to be shit at it. And it doesn't mean that you can just bail on an employee. Especially one that you think is doing a good job.

J always thinks the best of people. He thinks people will behave honestly and honorably and he is just plain wrong about that. Sadly, people will usually behave in the way that is easiest for them. And I think in this case it is just easier for them to blame him for issues at work then try to figure out how to solve them.

And I hate it. I hate that they are making him doubt himself. I hate that they are making him re-evaluate everything. It is great to learn from your mistakes and I have no doubts that he has made some. He tells me some things that he said and I just scratch my head. I cannot figure out why he does some of the things that he does. But I cannot figure out anything that they are doing either.

I just want to go to his office and pull those people aside and say listen, "Quit being cocksuckers. He will get out of your way as soon as he can. And try not to fuck everyone over next time, Tex."

Of course it would probably come out, "I AM GOING TO FUCKING KICK YOUR ASS!!!"

Neither of those scenerios would be helpful or professional. Both of them would make me seem like the crazy over protective mother. Either one could get him fired or me arrested. Or both.

So I won't do anything. Just sit here, eating a grapefruit, trying to not call the state employment board to report these fuckers for never paying him overtime even though its the GODDAMN LAW ASSHOLES.

Its not actually going all the well.

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