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Weaning from My One True Love

Ok. I need to not have depressing funeral death crap on my opening page. Its not honoring my friend. Its not interesting to read. And its really not making me feel better.

Neither did our group grief counseling this morning but whatev.
I drink a lot of Coca Cola. I consider it the nectar of the Gods. I frink more Coke than one woman really should. I have been trying, for most of my adult life, to find a suitable substitute. I know it is bad for my teeth. Full of sugar and caffeine. And contains a lot of calories that my ass could live without. Sadly, that is what I really love about Coca Cola so you see my problem.

I flirted with Diet Coke. And we were actually doing pretty well until Monica got pregnant and lured me to the Dark Side of Regular from which I have never recovered. I have tried different juices, but honestly they have just as much sugar so I might as well have the good stuff.

Nobody should worry that I do not get enough water. I drink a gallon a day. This + my huge Coca Cola addiction should explain why I pee about every five minutes.

I may have found the solution this weekend. Its a delighful seltzer that has actual taste (which is why seltzer has failed miserably before). It is very guzzleable. And readily available in grocery stores.

PLUS. It makes you belch like a sailor and really who does not love that.

So for now. I am trying to give up my one true love. I mean, limit my consumption of.

I bet I make it a week.

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