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Oh the Humanity

I am at work y'all. WORK. On a FRIDAY. I know that other people do this all the time but honestly, I have not worked on a Friday in almost two years.

You should have seen my dogs when my alarm went off. On a normal day my dogs are delighted when the alarm goes off, they want to go outside and get their cookie and yip yap whatever. Dogs like routine. But their routine includes sleeping in on Fridays. I mean they have been pissed at me for getting up before eight before. I was up getting ready and Buster just laid back down like "I don't know where you think you are going bitch."

I honestly considered not coming in. But I have work to do. I just cannot get things done as quickly as I usually do. And with the holiday and all I am just way way behind.

What is up with no traffic on Friday mornings though? I drove in and it took about ten minutes I swear. I could have gone 112 the entire way. I would think that people just don't work on Fridays (as it is just not NATURAL) but since I-5 is a parking lot on Friday nights I am not sure how that is possible. Perhaps they all parachute in from helicopters?

When I drive in the mornings (which is usually Thursdays) J sleeps the whole way. The exchange for this is I can play whatever music I want as loud as I want. He really can sleep through anything. Normally I try not to play stuff he hates because it just puts him into a bad mood and I hate it when he does that to me. But in the morning while he is asleep I can play whatever I feel like. He has actually told me that repeatedly. Says he doesn't notice.

So right before I get off the freeway I put in some country music. Which I love and he hates. Play TWO SONGS. He wakes up when we get off and immediately pulls out the cd case to pick something else. I laugh at him, because its not the song can make his ear drums burst. And he says, "well I kept waking up because I hate this music so much."


First, he did not wake up. He slept mouth open, still like a corpse the entire way. Second, the cd was on for about eight minutes, I am supposed to believe that he woke up and fell back asleep SEVERAL TIMES in eight minutes.

He is such a fucking baby. Like I don't listen to crap I hate when he drives all the damn time.
Last night we had the stereotypical married people exchange:

"You wanna?"

"Sure, but not until CSI is over."

"Alright, but I want to watch Without a Trace . . "

"Please, like it will take that long."

Don't y'all clog up the courthouses rushing to get married right away now. It can't always be that HOT.

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