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Good Thing I am Cute

I have not fallen and skinned my knee in more than ten years. Not sure how that could be true since I am clutsy as hell and you would think that I would have fallen down drunk at least once like that. But no. Even though I have scars on my knees from skinning them so often, they are scars that have not been deepened for ten years or so.

Until today.

My parents are returning from vacation tonight. They asked us to pick up their dogs from the kennel so that they wouldn't have to pay for two more days (since the vet is closed tomorrow) and so they wouldn't have to come home to empty house.

Rocky and Maddy were VERY excited to see us. Even more excited to see my mom's car (the only one big enough and low enough to get Rock into and even then he needed a boost). Rocky bolted to the car with all of his weight. Unfortunately, I was still holding the leash and since he is the size of a small pony I went ass over tea kettle on the cement. Faceplant.

I was wailing and carrying on (as you do) not because of the humiliation, though there was plenty, or the pain, though there was plenty of that too, but because I was SURE that my VERY VERY expensive jeans were going to be torn or bloody. Fortunately, I did not have to kill the dog because my jeans were only dirty. Though my knees have scrapes and bruises in the shape of gravel patterns. And my elbow looks like it has been attacked with a cheese grater.

I have sunk to a new low. I am now too stupid to WALK A DOG. Even fifteen feet.

Good thing I am cute so some one will always help me tie my damn shoes.

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