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Told You So

When we were driving to work this morning J looked at me and said, "Today is the day you find out if you got the job, isn't it?"

To which I answered, "Today is the day I find out I didn't get it."

And I was right.

On one hand I feel very zen about the whole thing. I knew that this job was a fairly senior position and that it was very likely that some one with more experience would interview. Which is exactly what happened. The manager called me himself (which never happens at my workplace, usually they have HR leave you a weird voicemail in the middle of the night or never call you at all) and told me that he loved what I had to say, that I would be great and that I needed to be in his department. Not that he had another job to offer me or anything. That is about as positive a reaction as you can get and not actually get the damn job.

Of course after I hung up I heard the chimes of doom in my head. As in, I started thinking about how I will never get another job and will die doing what I currently do and wah!

J figured out that I was having a meltdown and brought me a burger from my favorite place. Yes, he is the best husband in the world. No, you cannot borrow him. The women in my office fawned all about him in a way that makes me think that their husbands/boyfriends never do anything nice for them.

I am just struggling right now. I shouldn't feel this down. Bad things keep happening and I feel like it is going to keep going. That things will get worse and worse and there will be an earthquake and the viaduct will land on J's car and crush his office and I will die ALONE. With my same damn job.

All that, and I do not like my hair. Its more than a girl can stand really.

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