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What's Next? Crying During Commercials for Long Distance Carriers?

Anyone else watching the ESPN series Tilt? Its a weird show and I got sucked into a marathon when I was sick last weekend. And its about poker and man I just love watching anything about poker (sad but true).

Anyway, its about a bunch of pro poker players in Vegas and everyone is cheating each other and killing each other and man one episode had some one having their throat cut by a hooker, some one getting shot in the head and a threesome. Oh yeah and gambling. So yeah its cable.

One of the main characters is a real dick. He is a cheater and practically a mob boss. But he has this adult daughter and she came to him during this episode and told him about this breakup she had and how she loved the guy but it didn't work. And he says to her, "Lets go to Italy. We'll buy some shoes. Sit in a cafe and bullshit about how the light there is different than anywhere else."

He is a cocksucker and man I wouldn't want to have him over for dinner. But that is precisely the perfect thing to say to your daughter after an ugly breakup.

It was so sweet and I almost started crying.

I really need to get my period. This crying for no reason shit is getting out of hand.

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