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Craaaaazy, and Sadly Not Drunk

So I went out with the girls on Friday night. I never do that. In fact, they acted like I am one of those people that never leaves the house and has to be rescued by emergency personel when my ass starts to mesh with the fabric of my couch.

Which is just not true. Mostly.

The truth is, and this will make me sound like such a snobby bitch, that I don't really have tons of free time. And so if I am not certain I am going to have a great time I just don't go. Life is too short for sitting around and feeling uncomfortable. It is the same philosophy that made me walk out during dates when I was single--life is way too fucking short for bad dates.

Can you believe some one married my ass?

Anyway, I had a great time with the girls. They all got smashed out of their minds (I couldn't I was driving) and we closed down a restaurant. When I left them (they all had cab money) they were making fools of themselves singing in some bar. Excellent.

Though now I know, and told them, way too much about co-worker's sex lives. Dear god, DOES NO ONE HAVE SEX WHILE THEY ARE ENGAGED?

Who are all these people? Honestly, if we don't have sex on a regular basis I am a raging bitch (heh, worse than now. think about that for a minute). Not to mention poor J. Some of these girls talk about not only do they not have it but they don't want it.

I wanted to Fed Ex them all vibrators or something. Figure that shit out, then come back to work honey. That is just not right.

Do you think a lack of libido could be a disability that you could take of work from? Man, it still would not be worth it.
Yesterday the fanbelt broke in our vacuum. It just wouldn't work and I was just ridiculously enraged. J acted like it was still working which made me want to cut him. So I ended up screaming at him like shrew. And man, I hate it when I do that. Bad enough when I behave badly when I am right. But when he is telling me to calm down we can fix it, there might be a more mature way to handle it then screaming FUCK YOU.


I am guessing.

I am just having a moment. Have been for a few days. This is worse than my normal PMS. This goes from being ridiculously happy to crying to angry to scared out of my mind in the course of about four seconds.

I already take some crazy pills. But I am thinking they do not fight the craaaaazy.

Side note, I used my neighbor's vacuum and now I covet hers. Am honestly considering using my bonus money (part of) to buy it. GOD I AM SO OLD AND HOUSEWIFEY.

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