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Damn Birds

A colleague of mine is dying. We are not calling it that because we are all in denial and there is a possibility that she might not, but really she is dying.

She has a rare disease. One that there is no cure for and no treatment for and they are just trying something that may do something but probably won't and oh yeah, most people die during this treatment.

I respect this woman and like this woman and she has been so kind to me.

I know that life is not fair. I know that bad things happen to good people all the time. But does life have to be so fucking unfair?

The kicker is, that she had been putting off telling me (even though I heard most of it through the grapevine) because she was worried about me. Because of Gladys.

That is the kind of person that dies from rare blood diseases. Murderers and rapists rot in prison healthy forever.

Again the unfairness.

I am fine. Really. Nothing bad is really happening to me. Just everything and everyone that I know honestly. Going back into the hole to hide again. Wait to feel ok until the next shitty thing happens.

There is still a bird fucking trapped in the vent too. One came out, and another flew in. DAMN BIRDS.

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