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Ok ya'll, my beloved husband finally read my diary and wanted to contribute his own entry. The spelling and grammar mistakes are his--I make enough of those on my own. So, I give you . . . .


J's own recount of the Day Boston was squished and Pedro's legacy forever changed...

I have to say last night harsh there I was a Yankee fan white as a ghost, 6 pack gone trying to find something to do shooters with, still screaming at Soriano for his 3rd strikeout and squeezing in a curse at Wilson for crappy defense when Jeter hits the double then Bernie singles him home, Godzilla hits a double. Some color CREEPS and I mean CREEPS back into my face as there is a chance now maybe the ghosts have a few more tricks, but my heart just sinks here comes Little with his I have had to much Tea woddle to the mound, which means Timlin is not far behind, damn he has been killing us, so I am pacing again and then Pedro is still there, like a good little penguin little is heading back to the dug out and I am in shock no more panic just shock and then Jorge gets the hit to drive in both BAM though still worried feeling so much better even if we lose it was not to Pedro. Then Aaron F****** Boone never did I think the chant BOONEY would go through my mind yet here it is. BAM that was for the 2 games you cost us Wakefield go home and cry and take Your crappy junk pitch with you back to LOSER VILLE should have stayed with the damn Pirates. To lose to the Red Sox was going to be a bitter pill to lose to the Red Sox AND Pedro was going to probably cause something to be broken to come back from that feeling to the ultimate triumph over them is amazing. If I had a choice the 2001 Series or this moment I would take that game 7 loss for this..Maybe this makes me a bad person but wow do I feel good looking at these Red Sox fans so sad, so down trodden,wait... "SQUISH"what's that you ask. The sound of little clam chowder filled hearts being crushed for the final time by the MIGHTY EVIL EMPIRE and my wife is crying as she puts this in her diary...

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