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Wouldn't Want to Be More Dressed Up Than the Bride

Goddamn dogs!

Went to Target for literally twenty minutes. Came back. Three chairs down in living room, two rolls of wrapping paper pulled out and destroyed from pantry and one garbage can knocked down and raided.

Am strongly considering roasting one of them on the front lawn this afternoon.

DAMN! Buster just put his face in mine and snorted. Seriously, how can I resist the cuteness? That is as close as I am going to get to an apology anyway.

Am going out today to figure out what to wear to the goddamn hillbilly wedding next week. Found two things yesterday, neither of which fit. One size would be too small, next size up too large. NOT HELPFUL!

This happened in two stores. I was restrained though. No temper tantrums.

Really just annoyed. Haven't really figured out what the appropriate outfit is supposed to be. What do you wear to a wedding that could likely be confused with a mullet convention and everyone will be talking about how fancy it is since they have lil' smokies?

Am trying to borrow a digital camera for the trip too. Because I think I really need to show ya'll a picture of J's cousin Billy George removing his front tooth.

Doesn't get any classier than that.

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