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Mama Monica

Ya'll Monica is pregnant!!!!!!!!!!

Yeah. She isn't telling anyone yet so don't blab. She seems to think I can keep it a secret (don't worry I totally can) even though I have told my mother and my husband. Because she only cares that I don't tell anyone at work. Man, no worries there. I don't want to be the center of an explosion.

I did know something was up. Remember I had that premonition last week? Also, she was really CRAZY last week. Emotional, weepy, hungry like a beast.

I am very excited for her. Honestly, can hardly wait.


Because I have baby fever too.

Monica wants me to hurry up and have one too. Tempting honestly. The whole process seems a lot less scary now that she is doing it. Which is ridiculous. But . . .

Also, I realized last night that I had convinced myself that I was years and years too young to have a baby. I got married at 22, that is pretty young. And I guess in my head I am still 22. Because I kept thinking that I would be the youngest unwed mother at tht PTA. Except I am married. And other people will be younger than me. I am not young anymore. In fact, I talk about how my parents did this fantastic job parenting because they were older. And my mom had just turned 27 when my sister was born. I am going to be 26 this year.

I am old.

So J and I talked about it a lot last night.

And will probably keep talking about it for a while.

Damn Monica. Starting trouble.

Sorry about all the baby talk lately. I promise to get back to talking about strange men masturbating in parking lots soon.

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