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Fever Blisters and Baseball

I get a lot of fevers. At the slightest provocation. Like if I stay up too late or work too much or watch something on TV starring Kirstie Alley. It seems to be my body's way of reminding me that it can shut my ass down any time it likes.

Sometimes I get fever blisters. At least that is what WebMD and my doctor call them. To me they are more like angry red freckles that want to be blisters when they grow up. The first time I got them was after my wedding (when I had measles and didn't know it). I guess they are common in children but not adults. Lucky me. Anyway, I get them with about every other fever. Sometimes on my shins, sometimes on the side of my arm. Random places.

I had a fever this weekend. Very very mild. I slept about a hundred hours a night so I think I am ok.

I woke up this morning with eight fever blisters in the shape of a star on my upper thigh.

Its all one big cosmic joke isn't it?


My parents are driving to Iowa this week. My grandfather made my sister and I chairs and since we are spoiled brats my dad is driving to pick them up.

Go Dad!

And Mom! Since she is going with him.

They were almost sadly excited about this trip, especially for people who were just in Hawaii.

They have called three times. Once to tell me that there is now a Carl's Jr. in Spokane. Once so my mom could whine that my dad keeps the truck too cold and won't let her drive. And once from Mt. Rushmore.

I think they are overcompensating for not calling and letting me know they got there ok when they went to Hawaii.


This weekend was actually very peaceful. Travis got a beef delivery from his parents (YES!) and so he came over and so did Keith and Tiffany. We ate steaks and onions and spicy chicken wings and made delightful new potatos on the grill (did ya'll know you can even do that?). And I kicked everyone's ass at poker. I took all their money in like five hands. AWESOME.

Yesterday I watched TV on the deck while I tanned (yes I am trashing, why do you ask?). Baseball all afternoon. EVEN MORE AWESOME.

Somehow my two favorite teams managed to trade (with each other!) and get good deals right at the deadline. Now, if either one of them could drag their asses into the playoffs I would be thrilled.

A girl can dream.

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