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Well I Don't Sniff It

So I am just going to pretend that the past two days never even happened.

The AB household has been filled with professional drama for both the husband and I. To sum it up, he needs to find a new job and I have to sit tight.

Until we win the lottery basically.


And, does anyone want to hire my husband? PLEASE?!
At least Jonathon and Victoria got eliminated on Amazing Race last night. That pretty much was the best thing that happened to me this week. Which is sad. But it is something.

Something pathetic. But whatever.

Yay! They're gone! And they made even bigger asses of themselves in front of the whole country!
A girl in my office was taking polish off of her nails. Some one asked her, "Don't you get high from the remover?" She just looked up, "Well I don't SNIFF IT."

Which is my new favorite phrase.

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