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Fuck That Ham

This morning I woke up on time, washed my face, did my hair, even put on blush. I had just gotten dressed when I had to run to the bathroom, knocking over a hamper and almost squishing a dachshund to puke in the toilet.

Vomiting first thing in the morning, when you have not eaten in more than twelve hours, is a weird thing. It burns. I am not sure why that is and I really don't want to analyze it all too much.

I was a little shaky after that so I sat there trying to see if I could find any speck of food in the puke. Little morbid curiosity there.

So I am a big giant hypocrit, ranting about how people shouldn't come to work sick and yet here I am. In my defense I do not have a fever or anything so its probably just something I ate or a bug or something.

On a happier note, I got a google referal for FUCK THAT HAM.

I love the internet.

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