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Is Insanity Genetic?

Apparently even a thick layer of under-eye concealer, craploads of bronzer and mascara hide NOTHING when you only got three hours of sleep the night before.

I heard variations of "you look SO tired" and "holy crap what happened to you?" all day long. I know that this is just shorthnad for "you look like ass" so I started to feel like I should just start off every conversation with a disclaimer. "I look like shit, I am tired, I don't normally look this way." I think it's possible that I look so terrible I might be sued for grossing people out.

Much better day at work today. Had a long heart to heart with my boss. She assured me that she doesn't want me to get screwed. I believe her.

Of course I believed her the last three times she said the same thing.

My judgement may be a tad suspect.

Believing her also gives me a reason to stay positive. And I am always more optimistic when I am deluding myself.

J got another certification today. He is really racking those up. Now if he could find a job so he could rack up the bucks.

He didn't call to tell me he passed like he usually does. I think he was afraid we are still fighting. We don't fight like that. Not all loud and screaming. We were literally rattling the walls. We scared the shit out of our dogs. They have spent today bowing and scraping like they are afraid they will be caned at any minute. They can stay that way too. Ungrateful little mongrels.

Still don't like to fight with the husband. First, I don't do so hot with confrontations. Second, I can't hold a grudge worth a shit. Makes fighting sort of pointless if you are all running from confronting the person and forget about it in a few minutes anyway.

Now I come from a German family and Germans are fighters. They yell and scratch and claw. And then they hold a grudge.

Until the end of time.

My grandparents have a hole in their kitchen wall. It happened when my dad was seven. My grandfather complained that my grandmother overcooked a roast (which is easy to believe, all of her meats taste like chewed up beef jerky--even chicken) and she flung gravy at him. He smeared some on her blouse so she threw a rolling pin at his head. He ducked and it put a hole in the wall. Which he refused to fix because he wasn't going to "clean up her mess." And it's been there ever since. My dad is 56 years old. Do the math.

I have to admit the best family grudge is between my cousins Butch and Roddy. When they were in their twenties they got into an argument that culminated in Butch smacking Roddy over the head with a 2x4. They were drunk out of their minds and neither one could tell you how the whole thing started. However, they have refused to speak to one another or be in the same room together ever since. They are brothers. And this includes holidays. Even Mother's Day. They won't let their kids (who are the same age) attend the same classes in school or see Grandma at the same time. THEY LIVE NEXT DOOR TO EACH OTHER. They have a huge 12 foot privacy fence between their houses. Just on the property line between their houses. For 24 years.

That's my blood ya'll. It's enough to make you want to adopt. Because who needs their eight year old daughter starting a blood feud with them because they used grape jelly on her sandwich instead of strawberry?

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