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Eggs and a Pug--Bad Mix?

I just fed my dogs the rest of my scrambled eggs. I expect to be elected to the Good Mama Hall of Fame any day now. Darla, in particular, seemed ready to write the Pope (if she could write of course) to request my beautification. That was before I smacked her nose because she was trying to pork down Buster's share. She really couldn't believe that I expected her to share eggs with him.

We were both kind of disgusted by Buster. Darla sucked hers down quickly, without fanfare, in the manner of a the pig-like dog she really is. Buster has a harder time eating slippery things. He pushed his around the plate, trying to get a grip on them, he licked the butter and salt and pepper off them. He dropped them OVER AND OVER on my carpet until I wanted to kill him.

But he did eat them. And he is licking my ankle in adoration.

Either that or he is trying to make it taste like bacon. Not entirely sure which.

So it's Halloween. Bummer. I am not really a Halloween person. I don't get dressed up, I don't go to parties. It is a bit like New Year's where I feel like I should do those things but would really rather stay home. And eat ice cream. Possibly make out with the husband. Partake in the sex. Something like that. Sure it may involve costumes, but of an entirely different kind.

I am sure we will hand out the candy that I bought for the kids. Provided that there is still some left.

Those little fuckers aren't getting my mini KitKats. Sorry. I am not a generous person.

Had an excellent meeting with my boss yesterday. She gave me my bi-annual review and basically said that I am perfect in every way. Apparently she has been talking to my mother, who is of the same opinion.

This great review would mean more if I didn't know that she says that to pretty much everyone. Even those she knows aren't doing their jobs. She just really doesn't like to give criticism.

One of the things I like best about Dallas (my boss) is that she wants to give everyone control over their job. For somebody like me that is a gift. I set my own schedule, I do things my way. I work well when given that kind of freedom and she doesn't really have to pay attention to my part of our business. She knows that I will take care of it. However, I do recognize that not everyone is like that. There are people who need more direction than that. This does not make these people unintelligent or unambitious. It just means they need more management. And Dallas is the manager. Dallas hates being a manager. She likes to throw out phrases like "own your business" and thinks that people know exactly what she means. I do. Monica does. But the others? Do not.

She and I talked for a long time. I have a lot of ideas for what I want to do this next year and we were both pretty excited about them. But I feel like I have earned a promotion. She promised me one during my last review.

I am not good for asking for things. I have always taken the attitude that if I work hard and do the right things opporunities will come to me. But that isn't true. I had to push. It was really hard for me to do that. But it felt good when it was over. Even if I don't get it I feel better having asked.

But I better fucking get it.

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