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Made up with the husband a bit.

Explained to him that he really does shoot himself in the foot when he makes jokes about himself. And that sarcastically saying that he has to get off to go see his girlfriend is not appropriate at my work party.

Because some people do not get sarcasm.

Anyone should be able to see that the man was kidding. But still I know some one is walking around wondering if we have an open marriage or if I am just a wreck staying with this lying cheating bastard.

My husband does not have a girlfriend.

He is lucky to have me. Because though he is adorable he says horrifying things and is not so good with the romance. I appreciate his weird sense of humor and am understanding about back hair. Seriously. I am a goddamn catch.

I know he does not have a girlfriend. I am not worried about it. But people worry about this.

People. I know that usually the woman is better looking than the man. I know that this is not the case in my marriage. But, honestly it is ok. He is not cheating. I am not worried so you shouldn't worry. NOW SHUT UP.

The husband won't make that joke again I hope. If he does I may have to divorce him to make people stop giving me the pitying look.


Annoyed with my sister. She sent presents to my parents' house. One for my father and one for my husband.


Now I do not care that she didn't send anything to me. But could she send something to my MOTHER. The woman who carried her in her body for NINE MONTHS (actually ten because my sister was very late).

Apparently not.


I think I am going to go buy something and put a tag saying it from my sister and take it that day. Say she sent it to my house by mistake.

Damn. Be more subtle when you hate your mother.

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