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An Example of Me Being Shallow and an Asshole

A couple of days ago I saw this woman on our company elevator. She was a normal looking woman. Heavyset. Curly, frizzy hair. Bad clothes. And balding. Not chemo bald. Not a too short haircut bald. But she had male-pattern baldness. Her hair was so thin on the top you could see her scalp.

Now, given how awful I am you all are probably expecting me to make fun of her. But I won't.

I have mentioned that I work for a big retailer. A big fashion retailer.

I should also mention something about the people who work here.

They are all gorgeous.

I am a normal girl. I am a normal weight. I have nice hair. My skin is spotty but oh well. I wear good clothes. I have a perfectly nice face.

I am a dog here.

Before I worked here I never had a self-image problem. I ride city buses people, I have seen what is out there and I am not so bad. But most of the woman in my office are gorgeous. The vast majority have perfect figures. Most were the prettiest girls in their high school. Many look like they are models.

And everyone always has the most trendy clothes. Perfect and expensive haircuts. And people have incredible skin.

I am a normal person and I often have to have stern talks with myself about realistic expectations about beauty.

This woman obviously was losing her hair. And it looked like it was happening very quickly. It was almost gone.

She didn't look ashamed. And she shouldn't have. But I was so impressed with that. Because I know the culture of my office. How we flinch at some one who looks different. At some one who is not beautiful.

I was so impressed. I wanted to tell her. But I couldn't think of a way to say that without sounding like an asshole.

Hell, I am writing this out and sound even more like an asshole.

This lady was really ugly and not embarrassed what a great lady.

God, that isn't what I mean at all. We all have flaws. We all have things about ourselves that we hate. And when you work in a place that is consumed by beauty it is hard to be anything but beautiful and perfect. It is hard not to let that change you.

She just seemed to know who she was that is all.

God, I am such a shallow bitch. Back to pimples and cramps and my weird food stuff tomorrow I promise.

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